About Orgone Generators

It is a proven fact that everything is made up of energy.  Based on the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich who called life energy orgone, orgone generators (also called Orgonite) were developed.  Made with resin, various metals, crystals, and other organic materials, Orgonite has been scientifically proven to help balance life energy by turning negative (harmful) energy into positive energy.  Orgonite does this continuously without electricity and does not require belief or conscious intention in order to work.

A proven effective solution/some quick facts about orgonite: 
  *  Draws in and replaces negative (harmful) energy with positive (healthy) energy. 
  *  Helps relieve mental and physical stress.
  *  Reduces harmful effects of EMF radiation and other negative energies.
  *  Strengthens the body's energy field and promotes balance.
  *  Promotes more restful sleep.
  *  Helps remove energy blockages and aids in spritual growth.
  *  Can help create a more harmonious workplace and living environment.
  *  Helps the environment and repels pests.
Scientific research has confirmed the effectiveness of orgonite, it works!  Place an orgone generator in any area where you want to transform negative energy and reduce the harmful effects of EMF radiation.
Available in pyramids, pendants, and pocket sized pieces, you will never look at
energy the same way again.
Learn even more at wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orgone

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