Orgone Generators

Orgone Generators

Thoughtfully created from high quality crystals, metal and other organic material, this unique art form works to convert negative (harmful) energy into positive (healthy) energy that has been shown to reduce the harmful effects of EMF radiation, help relieve mental and physical stress, strengthen the body's energy field and promote balance. Orgone generators (also called "orgonite") help create a more harmonious work place and living environment, promote more restful sleep, help remove energy blockages and aid in spiritual growth. They also benefit the environment, repel pests, and are commonly used as an aid in meditation and healing practices. Simply put, orgonite helps to create a positive balanced environment through its energy healing properties.

Every piece is carefully hand crafted and come in various shapes including pyramids and pendants. They make great conversation pieces and thoughtful, unique gifts!

Created with joy and loving intent to help heal and balance the life energies in and around all of us.

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Orgonite Necklaces