"Bought this necklace (Barrel Racer) for my girlfriend.  She barrel races and fell in love! Great purchase and beautiful necklace, thanks so much!"  Tristan S., Georgia

"I bought the "Moon Dancer" necklace 5 years ago and I wear it every day, even in the shower, it has not come off for five years.  The amount of compliments I get on it are countless and I recommend your jewelry to everyone!  Not only is it gorgeous, it is also durable.  I have never had to change the chain!  Thank you so much for creating my favorite jewelry piece, keep doing what you are doing!     Madison S., NY

"I have a passion for horses.  They reside deep in my heart and touch my soul in a way that is hard to express with words. I wear a piece designed by P. Lily around my neck to express the love I have for the horse.  Thank you Paula for your thoughtfulness that touches the hearts of horse lovers who wear your beautiful pieces."    Dayna Fiore, Horsedance Equine Hoof and Body

  "My criteria for a necklace is that it must be of high quality, unique design, and be durable yet feminine. Finding this criteria has always proved a challenge until I acquired one of your pieces. It has been two years and I have worn my necklace 24/7 with no worries, it always lays perfectly and is beautiful...I love it!"    Michelle Caruso, Inifinity life Design 

"At Equine Affair 2013 my business was promoting "Follow Your Heart" Equine Jewelry.  We lost track of how many people stopped, admired and proceeded to purchase her works of art. Paula's designs speak to all disciplines but her artistic expression say it all.  It is an honor for me to sponsor her beautiful jewelry!"     Theresa Mueller, Gentle Touch Massage & Holistic Alternative



"Loving my Orgonite necklace that I received as a gift.  Very pretty and like the fact that it is a twofer, a nice piece of jewelry and knowing I'm wearing something that is protecting me from negative energies!!"            Jodie G., NY   

   "Paula puts so much care into her creations.  My first purchase was a pyramid from her orgone generator selection.  Not only is it a beautiful and calming piece for my office, it's also a great conversation starter. I was particularly thrilled with how she incorporated my horse's tail hair into the orgonite necklace I ordered soon after, and I love how I can have a bit of him wherever I go.  I would highly recommend these orgone generators to anyone, and I also think they make thoughtful gifts!"                                     Lauren H., NY

"I have ordered a few pieces from P. Lily Designs and have been extremely satisfied with the exquisite look and quality of the product.  Owner & designer Paula has utilized her creativity and wealth of knowledge of metals and crystals to design custom orders that have met and exceeded my expectations.  These one-of-a-kind pieces are more than orgone generators; they are thoughtful gifts that can be proudly displayed or worn with versatility and unique conversation pieces that everyone loves."             Raquel Webbe, NY


"Since placing the Orgonite in my car I do not have any flies or mosquitos buzzing around.  I travel to multiple barns and park in rural areas.  It is so nice not to have to shoo bugs out of my car as I travel from place to place!  I also camp and put the Bug Buster in my tent.  I was thrilled to have a bug free tent making my camping experience much more enjoyable and I love that it works naturally!"                                                              Dorothy Z., Woodridge  

"For four weeks I dliberately left my front windows down in my car whenever the weather permitted at my stops, something I would never do because of the accumulation of flies that would collect inside.  During this time, I witnessed only 3 flies enter my car and fly right out the other open window. I even had a horse standing near my car swatting flies and greenies and not one flew in the car.  No bees either!  I'm also very impressed with this non-toxic concept of repellent."                                                                           G. White, Native Hoof, NJ